Stepping Behind the Shield, On Our Own Volition

We don't like to be seen as weak. We like to know that we can take care of ourselves and give off the impression that we've got it all together. I've been in that place a million times and I will a million times more. But that, my friends, is the biggest mistake man can... Continue Reading →


Escaping the Snare of Man’s Approval

How often do we, when making a decision about what to say or do, think first of how others might react? And not the consequences of the decision that might affect people, but how those people will view your decision. How they'll view you in light of your decision. It's a trap. If you consistently... Continue Reading →

Consistantly Being Renewed

I think all of us would like to be the person who could learn something once and never have to re-study it or re-learn it. Why do we cram at exam time? It's not because we never heard or read the material that's going to be on the exam (for the most part) but because... Continue Reading →

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