My Top 15 Songs in Christ-Centered Hip-Hop This Year

The title says it all. Why explain? 15. "The Saints" | Andy Mineo featuring KB & Trip Lee | Heroes for Sale 14. "Bloodlines" | Alex Faith feat. J.R. | ATLast 13. "Organized Religion" | Beautiful Eulogy feat. Jackie Hill & Eshon Burgundy | Instruments of Mercy 12. "Hypocrite (Black Chapter)" | MC Jin | Hypocrite 11. "Misconception Pt. 2"... Continue Reading →


Hope Fulfilled: The Meaning of Christmas

I remember the hope I felt each Christmas morning when I was younger. I would wake up and sit at the top of the stairs in my house, waiting for my parents to tell me and my siblings that we could come down and see what gifts they had gotten us. The anticipation killed me.... Continue Reading →

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