My Heart, It Tends to Stray

Author's Note: For these blog posts, I often include a picture to break up the massive walls of text that usually come from my rambling writing style. I search a keyword or phrase on Google Images and try to pick one that fits what I'm trying to write about. Well, this time, the image gave... Continue Reading →


I’m Not OK with God’s Wrath Sometimes

I've been reading through Jeremiah, sort of, trying to, the last month or so. I'm only on chapter 8 now, so it's been slow going. I haven't been terribly consistent or disciplined with my quiet time. Anyways, I was reading chapter 7 today and was struck by all the violence that God declares on the... Continue Reading →

How Am I Any Different?

I was reading a post on OnFaith, a faith website that posts interesting articles sometimes. I don't always agree with all of them, but I must say it is interesting to see how different people interpret Scripture. Again, I don't always agree with them. How rare it is in our day - and it's a new thing... Continue Reading →

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