Lend Them Your Ear: My Top 10 Favorite Songs of 2014

Before I begin, an important distinction. There's a difference between my "favorite" songs and my "best" songs. My "favorite" songs are ones I can relate to or I enjoy. The "best" ones are the songs that are well-constructed instrumentally and perfectly-written. These are my "favorite" for your reading pleasure. 1. "Fear" | Lecrae |¬†Anomaly |... Continue Reading →


Three Tips for Maintaining a ‘Solid’ Beard

Note: So normally my posts are about spiritual things, encouraging songs or Bible verses or convicting passages, even sometimes touching on music. This is none of those things.¬† I was having a conversation with my brother today about facial hair - which happens once in a while - and he said that my beard was... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Convicted Enough

Going to be honest with you here: right now, I'm convicted by sin in my life. But it's not enough conviction. Do we ever really see ourselves as we truly are? Are we ever honest enough with ourselves that we're willing to admit just how jacked up we are? We spend so much time trying... Continue Reading →

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