Josh Hamilton and the God-Glorifying Action of Getting Back Up

I awoke this morning and checked ESPN on my phone and ran across this article, which starts: Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton¬†suffered a drug relapse involving the use of cocaine and alcohol in the offseason, according to a New York Daily News report. Hamilton has a well-documented history of substance abuse problems dating to... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Not Doing Enough for God. Good Thing I Don’t Ever Have To.

In high school, I made a few short films. I got on a filmmaking kick after working on a few projects for my freshman year English class, and it carried on until even after I graduated from high school. My longest film, called Ransom My Soul, was completed during the summer before I went to college.... Continue Reading →

Christian Pressure: Perhaps the Worst Kind

There's something incredibly unique about growing up in a Christian environment, whether that be a home where your parents are believers, a church that preaches the Bible, a Christian school. There's usually a steady dose of God and the Bible, a certain vocabulary that usually includes words like "saved" and "repent" and a certain pressure... Continue Reading →

Not Qualified Is Where God Starts

One of the most disheartening things that has ever happened to me was not getting hired for the position I wanted at the student newspaper at Elon during my junior year of college. I had applied for one of the highest positions, but I got what was basically a watered-down version of it with the... Continue Reading →

The Church Culture of Hero Worship

People love superheroes. So much so that they spend millions of dollars to go to a movie theater and watch them take out the bad guys. Here are some worldwide box office numbers for recent superhero movies: The Avengers (2012) - $1.518 billion Iron Man 3 (2013) - $1.2 billion The Dark Knight Rises (2012)... Continue Reading →

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