Prayer and Anxiety Are Like a Really Badly Mixed Drink

I hate silence. Silence gets on my nerves. So if you see me at work or at home, there's probably something being played, whether it's a TV show episode or music or something that goes into my ears. Just about the only time there's nothing played is when I'm in conversation with someone, and that's... Continue Reading →


You Don’t Have to Run Away

Everywhere that you turn Somehow every face is another bridge that you burn So you fade, you can't stay If you can find another life in another place And hope the world forgets your name But I can't, no I won't, forget you I think there's a bit of fantasy in every kid where they... Continue Reading →

Oh, Oh, We Need Each Other

One of the most dangerous times for me is when I'm physically alone. When I distance myself from people and from interaction with humanity, my mind begins to run marathons and sprint the 100-meter dash over and over again. Often, my mind begins to tell me that I am alone, that no one really cares... Continue Reading →

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