We’re Fighting the Wrong Sexual Immorality Battle. Primarily, At Least.

The evangelical army struck back again this past weekend after the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal across the country by a 5-4 majority. Evangelical leaders from Russell Moore to Albert Mohler to Matt Chandler to Randy Alcorn signed a statement, entitled "Here We Stand," standing against the SCOTUS decision. I'll state this: homosexuality is a sin, as... Continue Reading →


Bristol Palin’s Second Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancy Deserves Grace Too. Just Like the 5700th Time I Lusted.

Twitter can be a wonderful place for news, opinions and the occasional funny meme or cute photo. If you don't follow @CuteEmergency, you're missing out on some incredible things. As I scanned through the Trending Topics, as I'm prone to do often, I saw "Bristol Palin" on the list. Curiosity piqued, I clicked and found... Continue Reading →

Four Reasons Why I Need God

I was in the shower this morning and the song "Lord, I Need You" came to my mind. It's a fantastic song because it's so darn true. You can make the argument that it's cheesy and simple and your typical Christian worship song, but it reminded me of a few things about God and why... Continue Reading →

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