About Me!


Hey. I’m Zach. I’m the guy in the right of this picture above this text. I write this stuff on here. I hope you like it! If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at zacharyhornereu@gmail.com or tweet at me at @zacharyhorner. I would love to hear from you.

I decided to list some things about me just in case you were absolutely curious.

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

Without a doubt. So many classic lines and characters. The writing is sublime, the acting is near perfect. My whole family basically knows every single line, and I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching it. As I’m writing this, I’m watching Princess Bride clips on YouTube. It’s too good.

Runners-up: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Good Will Hunting, Hitch, (500) Days of Summer

Favorite Food: Bratwurst

It used to be spaghetti, but I had an unfortunate experience with it in January of my senior year of college and have not eaten it since. So I gotta go with your classic ballpark brat.

Favorite Book I Read for High School: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

I was talking to someone the other day and they asked me if I liked the classics. I replied no, but thought about it a little more and then chose this. The examination of guilt and religious condemnation was truly fascinating to me when I read it. I haven’t read it since, but I probably should.

Favorite Christian: Abba’s Child: The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging by Brennan Manning

This book is a must read for any Christian, especially one that struggles with matters of identity. Manning’s often personal look at what it means to be a child of God resonates with me. I’ve read it twice, which I don’t do often, and I will probably read it again because it’s that good.

Favorite Non-Christian Book: Invincible: Inside Arsenal’s Unbeaten 2003-2004 Season by Amy Lawrence

I’m a relatively new soccer fan as of this writing, but this is the best soccer book I’ve read. The book looks into the incredibly rare unbeaten season by my favorite team, Arsenal, in 2003-2004. It’s a journalist’s dream of a book, filled with quotes and stories from the players and coaches themselves.

Favorite Vacation Spot: North Carolina mountains

The beach can be fun in some ways, but I love being up in the mountains. I love the peace and serenity. I love that I can go up there and not do anything and feel like I can still be occupied. I can take my laptop and write, or some books and read, or go up with a friend and just have some awesome fellowship.

Favorite Line from a TV Show: Michael Scott from “Casino Night,” The Office

Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 49:15

But God will ransom my soul from the power of Sheol, for he will receive me. 

Such a beautiful picture of the gospel.

Written February 3, 2015


One thought on “About Me!

  1. hey ransomed one……i was looking for the translation of acknowledging God…..guess where i landed…..am really inspired…good job!

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